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Journalist is someone whose main occupation is conducting or cooperating to draft and compose the editorial content of a newspaper, magazine, or radio or television programs.


Journalist describes society to itself. They seek truth. They convey information, ideas and opinion, a privileged role. They search, disclose, record, question, entertain, suggest and remember. They inform citizens and animate democracy. They give a practical form to freedom of expression. Many journalists work for private enterprise, but all these have public responsibilities.


Journalists gather their information in a variety of ways, including tips, press releases, and witnessing events. They perform research through interviews, public records, and other sources. The information-gathering part of the job is sometimes called “reporting” as distinct from the production part of the job, such as writing articles. Journalists generally split their time between working in a newsroom and going out to witness events or interview people.


Most journalists working for major news media outlets are assigned an area to focus on, called a beat or patch. They are encouraged to cultivate sources to improve their information gathering.


Friend and I followed the journalist names Shah Nizam Omar from kosmo at Saturday, 9 of February 2008. He is graduated from UUM University, Faculty of Communication, and Major of Public Relation Programme. He started as a journalist after one year graduated at September 2006. He from Muar Johor. First children from four siblings.



We followed he to make sure we can get and know with directly how the process to get news and after that published. The assignment which he got is about illegal parking at National Zoo.


During I followed his to cover the news at the location, he do the exploration and taked a picture with photographer and interview the sources. After finished cover it, we go back to the office and he discussed with their boss editor about what the suitable anger, means that to write at the first paragraph for introduction. After that, write the story about half and hours. After finished it, wait for the checking from boss, if not completely, he will called to complete it. And then, the news passed to the assistant editor for the checking after correction. After that, the news passed to the graphic designer to put in the page, pictures usually will save at the TERA system in computer. After the correction is confirmed, the news sent for print at Bangi, Johor, Penang, and Terengganu.


According to him, he usually knows about his assignment to cover it one day before the function held. Usually, he works at 10.00 a.m until 6.00p.m. For example, if he works at 7.00 a.m or 8.00a.m, he will get overtime claim.


At the office, kosmo have a part of desks such as, news desk, metro desk, crime desk, feature desk, abroad desk, sport desk, entertainment desk, kosmo ahad desk, special desk  which cover the front page news) but the kosmo does not have economy desk.


At the first time he worked as a journalist, he sat at the news desk, after the month, he sat at metro desk which called as a cadet journalist after one year worked. Usually metro desk cover the news about society problem. For example the road not well. After have a solution for this problem he must to follow up and write the news to give information for readers about this solution.


For him, it is not easy and hard to cover the news because he must get information and cooperation with society as a sources or informer. To deal or get information, he must have a good face to face communication to easier get information.


At the first time as a journalist, many challenges and a lot of thing he must learned to be a good journalist. It is because, he does not know about journalism before this. But, he successful doing this job after that because he learnt and get teaching from the boss editor and his senior.


According his experience, the journalist must have a good public relation, discipline, responsibility, punctual, patient, good communication with society, don’t be shy and must have contact book.


He has a links with PBT ( Penguat Berkuasa Tempatan ), Majlis Perbandaran Subang Jaya rush, and confiscate a dirty shops, gay massage house and many more.


For him, journalism field is a great because we can see and meet a lot of people in different stage. But does not have the real of situation of life, just have only two days left out, don’t know when the day.



  1. salam..semoga menjadi wartawan yang berjaya suatu hari nanti.

  2. salam, good effort.ambillah pengajaran dan ilmu dari pengalaman saudari dengan wartawan. moga berjaya.good luck for final.

  3. salam..
    Jadikan pengalaman ini sebagai ilmu yang berguna dalam menceburi bidang kewartawanan

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